Here are the top 10 things we realised AFTER moving to Shanghai…

1. It’s always happy hour

Somewhere in Shanghai, it’s either Happy Hour or Ladies Night. Drinking is therefore deemed acceptable at all times.

2. It takes forever to get anywhere

You’ll realise that travelling anywhere outside of the Puxi is like travelling to Hangzhou.

3. You spend money like there’s a hole in your pocket

You’ll never have money, ever. However much you earn, your rent, alcohol and spontaneous holiday bookings will ensure you are entirely broke, always and forever.

4. Anything flies

It’s totally acceptable to sit in McDonalds all alone and eat a large meal.

5. Some days you wish you never came to China

Every time someone hawks on public transport you’ll shudder and say how disgusting everyone is! BAD CHINA DAY!

6. Public transport is your frenemy

Every time you have to lug a weekly shop back from Carrefour you’ll have a mild asthma attack and remember how much you miss your car.

7. Outdoor living is hard to come by

You’ll miss gardens. Proper gardens with kept grass and flowers and a table and chairs and even a BBQ.

8. Bargaining is not a fun game

You’ll never visit West Nanjing Fake Markets. Ever. Unless you want to die.

9. Being a Puxi-snob is the norm

You live WHERE?! Pudong, Hongqiao and Minhang… oh I’m sorry!

10. Eventually, nothing surprises you

You become incredibly good at not staring at people that are drawing attention to themselves. “Oh, there’s a man singing and dancing to himself on the street loudly! Classic China.



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