I have an avid sweet tooth, which is why I have to share with you my favourite places in Shanghai to get your sugar fix. Food porn coming right at ya…

Gracie’s Ice Cream

Shanghai Sweet Treats

Previously known to many as “The Ice Cream Concept”, Gracie’s has the best ice cream in Shanghai, hands down. You can taste the purity and quality. They always have a rotation of old favourites and new seasonal flavours. What cures my summer dehydration is their Mango and Coconut Ice Cream made with fresh mango and coconut milk.

The British Kitchen

Shanghai Sweet Treats

James from The British Kitchen is getting a bit of rep in Shanghai for having the best brownie in town. It truly is something special.  James sells a wide variety of sweet treats at the Saturday Jiashan Market, and you can also find his famous brownie at Sumerian, Spread the Bagel and Kate & Kimi (frozen).  He has also created a Sichuan pepper brownie for EGG, which provided a lot of afternoon entertainment in our office.

Pain Chaud’s Banana Chocolate Cake

Shanghai Sweet Treats

When I first met this cake, I was rather scathing. I religiously visited Farine for their Banana Chocolate Pie and saw Pain Chaud’s as a rival. A big congratulations goes to them though, as I now only have to walk half as far and I am addicted. Gooey chocolate brownie with a stuffing of baked banana and light chocolate mousse makes this worth every calorie. The baked banana takes it to a whole new level and texture.

@loueatsmore x Spread the Bagel

Shanghai Sweet Treats

Nothing beats this naughty combo. Nutella, banana and slivered almonds smeared on top of a Spread the Bagel. Devilishly good. Try it out on their cinnamon raisin bagel for a change.  Only available at Spread the Bagel, 611 Nanchang Lu x Xiangyang Lu from 8am. Goes down a treat with their signature cold brew. Make sure you don’t drink the whole bottle at once though. I did and it was a very unpleasant afternoon!

Strictly Cookies

Shanghai Sweet Treats

I cannot forget my all time favourite cookies. Strictly Cookies make my Nosh lunch set a whole lot better and unhealthier too. YOLO.  Thick, dense, doughy and good quality chocolate are all the characteristics to a perfect cookie, a Strictly Cookie.  If you’re around Dongping Lu, pop into Green & Safe and try the pumpkin spice cookie.

UNICO by Mauro Colagreco

Shanghai Sweet Treats

If you prefer your dessert served to you in a sassy setting this one is for you. I’m not a huge fan of desserts with huge amounts of cream but this one had me weak at the knees.  UNICO by Mauro Colagreco at Three on the Bund has purified the South American Alfajor. Condensed milk ice cream, coconut cream, corn biscuit and dulce de leche. I was requesting a second serving instantly.



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