Heidi Johnson is one of the most competitive and strong women I know. I’ve had the privilege of playing Gaelic Football with her for the past few years but she is soon making the move to Hong Kong to start afresh.

Earlier this year she wowed us all by entering Shanghai’s famous Brawl on the Bund charity event, AKA “Fight Night”, which is hosting Round 2 this coming weekend.

An inspiration to all women dreaming to lose weight and get in shape (me), I asked Heidi how she managed to avoid the hardcore Shanghai lifestyle in order to prepare for such an intense battle.
Heidi Johnson

What inspired you to compete in the Brawl on the Bund, and what was the outcome of your fight?

I was inspired to train for the brawl to have a bit of change of pace in my life and truly challenge myself. I wanted a break from going out all the time, and I’ve also always wanted train for the brawl since I came to Shanghai 3 years ago. I’ve had a few friends do it and they had encouraged me to sign up, so I thought I’d give it a go! I won all three rounds.

Heidi Johnson

Did you go into the fight knowing you were going to win?

That’s the thing about boxing, if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. So yes, I knew hands down I was going to win, just had to execute!

What’s your fave combo?

I’m a southpaw so what worked well for me was: right jab to the head, straight left to the body, back up for a right hook to the head and spin out!


How hard was it cutting alcohol from your diet? Must be mission impossible when living in Shanghai!

Easy to do when you know that, 1. Training is absolutely hell if you are hung-over; and 2. Your opponent is most likely also not drinking. Once you’ve taken a knock to the head you’ll do anything in your power to get better and train hard, so alcohol just isn’t a priority. I had a cheeky wine here or there in the early months, but then went fully dry. But yes, it was a struggle sometimes especially when the weather was nice and all your friends were on Yongkang Lu!

Heidi Johnson

Aside from being a boxing machine, what is your day job in Shanghai?

Business Development Executive at Pacific Prime.

In 1 word, describe your Shanghai experience to date?


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