Britta Battogtokh was born in a small town called Zuungovi in western Mongolia. As a child life was largely dependent on her family’s animals and sometimes the only income would come from selling cows at the Russian border. Britta admits that coming from a place with such harsh conditions and weather did not make for an easy life, but it certainly made you stronger.

Britta has some amazing childhood stories that few of us would relate to. As a young girl, her family moved to the capital city, Ulaanbaatar, with their house, a Yurt, on the back of a truck.

Britta arrived in Shanghai in 2009 to learn English and Chinese and to understand the local business culture, however it’s her experience as a Mongolian beauty queen that is most intriguing.

Britta Battogtokh

How did you get to be a beauty queen?  Did you win pageants?

After living in Shanghai for a few years I had a goal to build connections between Mongolian and Shanghai businesses (and abroad), but I was considered to be too young to be taken seriously. So, when I saw a former Miss Mongolia’s Facebook post about meeting the President, with Miss India, for a charity event I thought, “that’s it!” I am going to become Miss Mongolia.

My first step was to participate in a small international competition in Italy. When I applied I discovered that the Miss Mongolia contestant had already been selected, but the organisers were keen for me to take part so I was offered the opportunity to represent Japan – I don’t look Japanese nor do I speak Japanese! I guess most Europeans can’t tell the difference between Asian ethnicities but I accepted to be Miss Japan anyway. I eventually went on to win the “Best National Costume” wearing a modern Mongolian costume. I was also placed in the Top-10 out of 59 delegates from around the world. That’s how I got the attention of the Miss Mongolia Association. Since then I have participated in several international competitions as Miss Mongolia.

What is the best pageant question you’ve been asked? How did you answer?

What part of your body do you like the most? Answer: My brain!

Britta Battogtokh

Any awkward moments? Skirt tucked into the underwear kind of thing!

During final of Miss Mongolia 2013 when I was awarded Miss Bikini Mongolia my make-up artist got far too excited and put too much lipstick on me – I looked like a crazy girl with red teeth on TV! I ended up receiving half of the prizes that night though!

What do you have to do to prepare for a pageant?

Mostly I work on my appearance. That includes wardrobe, skin-care, workout and diet.

Have you achieved your goal of connecting businesses?

Since becoming Miss Mongolia I have connected several investors with Mongolian business partners.  I am very lucky to have an Uncle as my mentor. He built his construction company from 2 employees to more that 1,500 in 10 years. Eventually, I want to build a brand that promotes Mongolia to the world.

Britta Battogtokh

Aside from being a beautiful and successful woman, what is your day job in Shanghai?

I am an Event Manager at M1NT Shanghai. I organise events, from dinners for small executive groups to corporate functions for up to 600 people, at our venue. Managing the M1NT Lounge for over a year has given me a chance to learn about the hospitality industry. I also get invited to many major events and galas so I am constantly exposed to new ideas.

In 1 word, describe your Shanghai experience to date?


Connect with Britta via Instagram: @brittabattogtokh

Britta Battogtokh



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