Earlier this year, I saw some people wearing the ‘HAI’ hats around town and I was like: SO GOOD. And it wasn’t until the Spotlight Market I went to in September that I got to meet Jussara & Shauna and was introduced to their great strong look brand. Before I leave Shanghai, I plan to fill my suitcases, because the street style is very Shanghai, the simplicity of their design is classic but modern and frankly, I need to get a little more street. I could wear a cap too right?!

Today you’ll hear from Jussara Bierman (below, left) who runs Lanehouse Apparel along with Shauna Upton:

Lanehouse Apparel
How did Lanehouse Apparel begin?

Lanehouse Apparel began out of frustration of not being able to find any quality Shanghai clothing and accessories to gift to friends back home. I wanted to create a range of clothing that mapped out Shanghai’s former French Concession, and from there our initial range was born. Adrian, our initial investor, Shauna and I have driven the vision and style of the brand, and created our online and physical presence.

What was your first piece of clothing or hat?

Our first piece of clothing was a t-shirt. I had designed a (former) French Concession crest that we placed on the t-shirt, and from there the other items grew.

Where do you get your inspiration? Materials? Fashion trends?

As a Kiwi, New Zealand is in opposite seasons to China so I watch trends there closely to see what might be popular for Shanghai’s coming season. Some items haven’t been as popular here as they are in NZ (e.g. 5-panel hats) but I believe this is largely due to a gap in the local streetwear/urban-wear market in Shanghai and a lack of uptake of trends in these clothing styles.

How do you settle on style, or vibe, of your collection, it’s such a true look, in my opinion!

As a small brand, money is always a key issue. Because we are self funding, we need to be fairly sure that the items we end up producing are items that will sell. Initially I will create a theme (e.g. The French Concession, The Hai’Life) and design a full range of items, then ask friends and online fans to give us feedback on the mock-ups. This gives us a good guide to the styles of clothing and hats, and which designs will (hopefully) sell. Usually, the most simple of designs are the most popular – we have a lot of cool designs that will never see the light of day!

Lanehouse Apparel

I love your photos, especially on Instagram! They’re very fun! How do you style them and put them together?

We are keen to have as much user generated content as possible on our Instagram and Facebook accounts. Our brand is about building the story of life in Shanghai, and much of this is about the people you meet during your time here. We have recently launched “The Hai Flyer”, our online magazine to further tell these stories and give other expats a platform on which to launch their experiences, style, and loves (or frustrations) of living in Shanghai.

(I especially love Shauna’s piece in the Hai Flyer ‘10 Things You Realise After Moving to Shanghai‘.)

Jussara, I have a passion to learn where creativity comes from… Do you feel creative? Where does creativity come from?

I’d like to think I have always been creative. I started my own graphic design business (now branding agency) whilst studying Architecture at University. I love to draw (not that I get much time to do that living in Shanghai) and now design clothing – not something I ever thought I’d get the chance to do!

Where are you selling your gear? And outside of China?

We sell mainly online or via WeChat, to customers mostly within China. We have learnt the hard way that it is very expensive to ship individual packages outside of China, often losing money in doing so. We’d like to build our presence here and open a store on Taobao & WeChat, whilst trying to keep the brand as “foreign” as possible. Our next step is to find retail stockists to continue to build our footprint.

THIS WEEK, Lanehouse Apparel have just started selling on ASOS Marketplace as well, congrats guys!

Lanehouse Apparel

What are the popular items?

We sell a lot of hats – we have sold out of our “Originals” beanie, and have limited numbers left on our Shanghai and Hai’Life snapbacks. The grey “Originals” sweatshirt has also been extremely popular with only a few sizes left.

What are your day jobs, how do you spend your time and make a buck?

Shauna and I both work for an independent PR agency, so we have learnt a lot about building a brand in Shanghai!

The term ‘Made in China’ has got a bad wrap in the western world, mostly showing bad quality, but what’s something Made in China that you’re amazed by? That you love?

I definitely think China’s quality of production has improved tenfolds (this is somewhat reflected in the higher costs we face). There are a lot of young Chinese entrepreneurs and designers sprouting up who are creating innovative and beautifully designed products – they just need the platforms to promote and be seen and heard.

What did you think of Shanghai in your first week here?

I’m from Auckland, New Zealand and have been living in Shanghai for almost 4-years. My initial arrival in Shanghai was not a fond memory as I felt overwhelmingly lonely and isolated – I had travelled to China numerous times before I moved here, but nothing could prepare me for being in a non-English speaking city on my own.

Lanehouse Apparel

What can you do or find in Shanghai that you can’t do or find anywhere else?

I believe the pace of life in Shanghai is unmatched. Nowhere have I been that has the same vibrancy and life, nor the same feeling of safety (being a younger female). I’m not enjoying the current cold and gloomy weather however! From a business perspective, it would be very hard to produce and sell clothing like we can here anywhere else in the world.

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Lanehouse Apparel is a Shanghai clothing brand that encapsulates the ambiance, inspiration and aspiration of our world city.




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