One of our favourite expat bloggers in Shanghai is fellow Kiwi Lou Paulin who is the creator of the foodie blog “@Loueatsmore“. As a child Lou spent time in Canada, Taiwan and New Zealand which fuelled her love for fresh quality food and local delicacies. Every weekend in Shanghai you’ll find her checking out a new restaurant or heading back to an old favourite.

Keen to hear from an blogging expert on how she got started and built her strong following, I caught up with Lou to get the inside crumble (Lou’s a cookie fan)…

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What inspired you to start @loueatsmore?

Before I moved to Shanghai you’d always find me in the kitchen trying new recipes on friends and family or continually talking about the ‘new kid on the block’. Since moving to Shanghai, like many others, I seem to eat out a lot more than cook at home and am an avid reader of all things food. Shanghai’s restaurant rotation is extreme so I am always kept busy trying out new spots. My friends always comment on my enthusiasm for new foods and restaurants and encouraged me to start documenting my finds through an Instagram account so they could keep track of all the foods I talked about.


How do you discover new eats?

A lot of talking, reading, walking and exploring. I also like visiting old eats that have been around in Shanghai and already have a good following.

Is there a process to deciding what you post on the blog?

@loueatsmore is a collection of mostly reasonably priced eats or finds. I think the key is to share places that I, myself, and people would go to on a daily basis. I am a creature of habit and when I find something I like I tend to go back there a few more times during that week, so if I write a good review on something, I am probably back there the next day enjoying it again. Shanghai is flourishing with new cafés, restaurants, bars, pop-ups and cheap eats, many of which are only shared through word of mouth. I hope I make Shanghaiers that little bit happier by sharing many of these finds.


What are your thoughts on the Shanghai dining scene?

The key to good eating and a good experience is consistency, which there seems to be a lack of in Shanghai. This leaves for so many mixed reviews of one place. Provide an experience to diners that is like no other in Shanghai and you’ll be the talk of the town.

What are your current Shanghai favourites?

  • Experience: The Commune Social and Le Bordelais
  • Healthy: Kate and Kimi’s Glow Bowls
  • Convenience: Saucepan
  • Cheat day: Wishbone’s pulled pork sandwich and 2 Strictly Cookies
  • Coffee: MQ Coffee + Egg (so creamy)
  • Sweet Treat: Lollipop Bakery‘s chocolate cupcakes, Pain Chaud’s chocolate banana cake
  • Brunch: Liquid Laundry (seriously it’s just so good) and Le Bordelais depending on what experience you’re after
  • Asian: Spicy Moment, Li Long Fang and Taoyuan Village
  • Cocktail bar: Union Trading Co, Glam’s Gin and Tonics
  • Favourite Drink: Brew Dog’s Punk IPA
  • Happy hour: 1515 (2 for 1)

Lastly, how are you not like 100kgs?!

Exercise and healthier eating Monday to Friday. Although this weekend I did gain like 2kg haha.


Follow @loueatsmore for micro reviews on restaurants and bars, and to stay up to date with the hottest spots in Shanghai. Oh, and for amazing pictures of mouth-watering food.

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