The Lanehouse team have put together a 2015 wrap-up for you to share with your friends back home to show them what a weird and wonderful country you live in, but to also just have a little chuckle on a Friday!

We saw a couple be VERY naughty in a changing room in Uniqlo. Maybe it was just getting hot in there and they had to take off all their clothes, right? Maybe? (CNN)

This trend ‘sprouted’ out of nowhere. God knows how it became fashionable! (CNN)

The Chinese government made it rain later in the year with the introduction of the shiny new 100RMB notes! (South China Morning Post)

Someone steals a phone, sells it off and it goes viral! Brother Orange made his internet debut in the form of a selfie. You go brother! (Buzzfeed)

China demolished it’s one child policy plan – YAY more babies! (CNN)

Remember that time Rhianna was compared to an omelette – poor Guo Pei spent two years making that omelette! (VF Style)

My tank is bigger than yours. (BBC)

Beijing released its first ever red alert for air pollution in December and then some artist went and made bricks out of it! Here’s to cashing in on a bad situation. (CNN)

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